SH-Teksor Oy was formed 1.1.2018 by a merger of companies SH-Trade Oy and Teksor Oy. We are a Finnish manufacturing and marketing company of threaded fittings made of acid proofed steel material. Our main business today is machining of different stainless steel grades and other demanding materials as subcontructing service. Our company is located in Tuusula Finland and we are a daughter company of Swedish Nords International AB.

We manufacture threaded fittings by machining from bar and tube material and we have wide range of standard threaded fittings in our product range. We also produce customized threaded fittings according to customer drawings. We also deliver tube couplings, butt weld fittings and flanges.

Our target is always for a satisfied customer. We develop all our functions in collaboration with the mother company and hence can guarantee the highest Scandinavian quality for our products and service. We are the market leader in threaded fittings in Finland and deliver our products through distributors in Scandinavia and Central Europe. We have flexible production and stock of standard fittings, hence we can guarantee fast and punctual deliveries.

Please use the menu at our site to take a look at our products. We have been in this business several decades and hence have long experience and professional sales staff. We are able to analyse the possible solutions to meet your needs.